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Aviation professional

After being in Amsterdam for six years, it was time for me to get
serious about learning Dutch to pass inburgering A2 examen. I work in
English speaking environment and then came Covid which isolated us from
a natural Dutch speaking environment. I needed help to improve listening
and speaking skills. Very lucky and happy to have found contact
information for Sanja who expertly helped me to get through the
information. With online lessons, we focused on practicing targeted
information needed for the exams. I learnt the nuances of the language
and culture and passed the exams with Sanja’s help. Very grateful and
happy with the outcome.



Pilates instructor

Sanja is such a wonderful dutch tutor! I have found her methods super easy to follow. Her tips and explanations are thorough and clear. I passed all of my Inburgering exams in my first try, which is attributed to our lessons and Sanja’s supportive guidance.


Mima Hajduković

I took classes with Sara for about 4 months and I can with certainty say that she is an absolutely amazing professor. Sara is very patient and explains things as easy as possible. She has always made herself available, even out of working hours. Her knowledge of language and calm personality are a perfect combo. Highly recommend!


Radenko Varagić

Head coach Basketball Academy Limburg

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 7 years already. I work as a basketball coach and my English was quite enough for my business communication. In addition to their own language, the Dutch speak excellent English, so I had no problems in creating contacts outside my work and integrating well into Dutch society. However, having met the condition to obtain Dutch citizenship, I had to mobilize myself to master Dutch and pass all integration exams in a relatively short term (and by my own fault). Since my job involves round-the-clock work, taking a course and attending scheduled lessons was not an option. I started the preparations, but this proved to be very hard until I heard about Sanja Gvozdić. She was recommended to me by a lot of people who had nothing but praise for her Dutch lessons. Suddenly, everything was on the right track. I started working with Sanja on my Dutch at times when it didn’t interfere with my work, sticking to the plan she had worked out for me, which produced impressive results. Sanja’s teaching methodology, her manner of teaching, pedagogical approach, and complete dedication are something that definitely makes her stand out as a teacher and, I can plainly say, as a human. In addition to the knowledge I acquired from her, I have become motivated not only to learn Dutch to pass my exams, but also to keep on learning and improving my Dutch further in the future.

The result of working with Sanja – I passed all of my exams on the first try with very high scores.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Sanja. Thank you for your committed work, dedication and, above all, your manner of teaching which, in addition to exceptional ability to share knowledge, is laced with human relationship with students and selfless effort directed towards the mutual goal.

She is truly a teacher found in Goethe’s words

“If you treat an individual as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”



Financieel adviseur

Ik ben erg tevreden met de lessen. Sanja heeft uitstekende lesmethoden en is een aardige persoon. In een jaar tijd heb ik mijn taalvaardigheid enorm verbeterd en ben ik geslaagd voor het inburgeringsexamen.




Gelukkig heb ik Sanja gevonden om mij Nederlands te leren! Vanaf mijn eerste woord, naar A1 en het eerste basis examen inburgering, tot B2 niveau en succesvol in 1 keer slagen voor het NT2 niveau II. Verder waren Sanja’s tips goud waard om te slagen voor het Medisch Assessment (AKV) toets – deel van de BIG registratie procedure voor tandartsen. Sanja is professioneel, vriendelijk, ze praat accentloos Nederlands en ze is zeker de juiste keuze om je doel te bereiken qua Nederlandse taal.


Video from Djole




Within 6 months of my arrival to the Netherlands, I took a class in Amstelveen and was at A2 level. After that, I had more than a year’s blank before enrolling to Sanya’s classes. I took her online group lesson, and within 3 months, passed all the inburgering exams. Her classes targeted the inburgering test, so the teaching was very focused and clear. It was fun for me and I enjoyed her lessons twice a week.



Real estate manager

Sanja’s dedication and focus, attention to detail and extremely pragmatic and interesting teaching style made me not only pass all the tests with excellent grades, but I also truly enjoyed this preparation process and time spent with her!



Global management system consultant

Ik ben geslaagd voor het inburgeringsexamen.

Heel erg bedankt! J




I am glad to express that I am super happy and fully satisfied with your Dutch lessons, your teaching technique, your interaction and your encouragement to us and your unique style to make the course quite effective. Without your lessons and guidance, I could not pass all the exams!

Also your continuing support for the examination and integration topics helped so much to have better understanding of the process. I must say that I have been recommending you to all my friends who are searching for a good quality Dutch course. Thank you so much once again for your valued course and support.